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What is Laser Eyes?

  • discover recently listed contracts
  • evaluate security and prospects
  • monitor lifecycle changes
  • trade most promising tokens
  • and more...

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2021 Q3

  • Create contract
  • Launch Web app
  • Add BSC monitoring
  • Add token scoring
  • List on Pancake
  • Private sale


2021 Q4

  • Start marketing
  • Request an audit
  • List on CoinGecko
  • List on CoinmarketCap
  • Add detection service
  • Add metamask support
  • Add social media analysis

New features

2022 Q1

  • Start reward program
  • Add ETH support
  • Add Solidity monitoring
  • Add Solana, Polkadot, Kusama
  • Add token lifecycle detection
  • Add vote support
  • Add portfolio management tools


Total amount: 400,000,000 LSR

  • Private sale: 20,000,000
  • IEO: 100,000,000
  • Development: 100,000,000
  • Marketing: 80,000,000
  • Contributor rewards: 50,000,000
  • Influencer rewards: 50,000,000


Our goal is to become the Bloomberg for cryptoassets


We develop comprehensive toolbox to detect, monitor, score, rank, track any cryptoasset


We ease cumbersome task of token detection & selection to help our clients find the best tokens


We intend to grow a large community and allocate substantial funds for forthcoming incentives


We intend to support and engage contributors and allocate substantial funds for forthcoming incentives


LaserEyes is looking forward to any form of cooperation with contributors, opinion makers and any other interested parties. If you are ready to help us with rapid community expansion - please visin out telegram channel @lasereyestoken.

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What is LaserEyes?

We develop a toolbox to discover the most promising tokens and to rank them according to a 360-degree overview on their prospects.

  • we monitor recently listed tokens
  • we pool data from multiple sources
  • we audit code, social media, transactions, etc.
  • we classify tokens based on lifecycle stage
  • we evaluate risks accodingly
  • we track changes through time
  • we mark scam and unreliable investments
  • we provide tools to trade the most promising tokens

What type of token is LaserEyes?

LaserEyes is a service token.

Why is LaserEyes safe?
How to buy LaserEyes?

Just look for our contract at trading plaforms 0x1cb9ca00538265a22e56b758026948608ba5d86f

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